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How long does a building and pest inspection take?

April 27, 2016

houses_on_plans.jpgThere is no exact answer to this question, and as frustrating as it is to hear yet another professional give a non-committal open ended response, all we can possibly say on the matter is:

"it depends"

We know, this is not exactly helpful.

We would like to make it up to you, by running through a list of some of the things that the time frame actually depends on though.


Inspections Vary in Time By How Many Bedrooms The Home Has

I imagine this is somewhat of an intuitive feeling you are probably having anyway.

Of course if there are more bedrooms that need to be inspected, then the report will take longer to complete.

However, there is also a statistical increase in likelihood of having second living areas, additional bathrooms and so on as the number of bedrooms increases.

For example, a 4 bedroom home is almost always going to have two living areas, whilst a 3 bedroom home will be almost a 50/50 split on whether there is a second living area. 

Obviously, more rooms in general, whether they are bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas or not; will always increase the time required for the building and pest inspection to be completed.


A Fully Furnished Home Takes Longer to Inspect

If the inspection is being conducted on a house that is filled with furniture and personal belongings, this can make the whole process take quite a bit longer.

The inspector will frequently find them self having to move furniture or personal items that are blocking the way to an area that needs to be checked.

One additional problem with having an inspection conducted on a home that is currently occupied, is that due to privacy considerations the inspector may not be able to fully check wardrobes, cupboards and other built in storage areas. If the occupier is home, the inspector will ask either permission to check anyway, or request the occupier to move their possessions out first so the inspector can get through to see. This again can add time.


A Home With people In the Stages of Packing Up To Move Takes Longer

There is something slick and efficient about a completely packed home. Everything is neat and placed in boxes, lined up ready to go. 

This order however is typically preceded by utter Chaos across the whole house.

Packing boxes strewn across walkways, half packed boxes stacked everywhere, butchers paper covering every surface.

Inspecting a home that is currently being packed up can become a very time consuming affair.  


A Home With an Obstructed Man Hole May Take Longer

There is a difference between us having to move a wardrobe to get to  manhole, and us discovering that it has in fact been plastered up and completely sealed over.

Moving furniture to gain access takes time, and can only be done if the furniture can safely be moved under the circumstances.

In some instances also, we discover that the man hole has been locked, and depending on how accessible the key is, this can either mean it takes longer, or that we simply don't get to view inside the roof.


A Home with Higher Levels of Security Takes Longer to Inspect

We ensure that every window and every door operates properly, that it opens and that it can be closed again, and that the lock works.

On houses where there are additional locks on every single door and additional locks on each window, then this is a lot more keys that we must go through and make sure work. 

Also, regarding security, there have been times when the occupiers have alarmed a security system, and then not been present for the inspection. In these situations we have had to wait until the real estate agent or the occupant was able to return and disarm the system.


The Process Takes Longer if The Inspector is Being interrupted by Pets, Children or Curious Onlookers

Dogs seem to love building and pest inspectors, as we are crawling around on our hands and knees we really get on their level.

This doesn't always help with getting an inspection completed quickly and efficiently however.

In a similar way, when children, or even their curious parents, spend a lot of time asking us questions, we are confronted with two options; be rude and efficient, or take longer and be polite. 

We don't like being impolite to anyone, but it certainly would make things quicker sometimes!


The Number of Trees on a Property Can Affect How Long a Pest Inspection Takes

I'm sure some of you are thinking, "what on earth do the amount of trees have to do with checking the house for pests?" and that is a fair question.

The thing is though, the most common and devastating pests that we are searching for are termites.

It is quite common for the termites to create their nest in a tree on the property, but then do foraging expeditions to the building in search of water and additional food.

In this frame of reference, the termites are potentially using your house as take out. 


It is worth noting, that it does take longer to do a building inspection and pest inspection on the same day, but it is faster over all than doing them separately on different days.

We regularly have people engage us for a building inspection, then decide a little later that they want a pest inspection done also. This scenario takes longer, and consequently costs more!

After we get some more in depth information about your specific needs, we can certainly come back to you with a much more accurate idea of how long it may take.

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